Valérie Mischler – Couleur Rue

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Valérie Mischler is, above all, a stage performer, an actress who sings, and a true artist. Her eclectic career has taken her from theater to cabaret, song to musicals, and even television. She has also presented a tribute show to the poet Bernard Dimey, which was unanimously praised by the press.

As an actress, singer, dancer, and author, Valérie writes the lyrics for her albums, including "POURQUOI" and "MÉLI-MÉLO DE BLUETTES SUR CANAPÉ.” More recently, she also ventured into prose with an autobiographical journal entitled "L’ARTISTÔLIÈRE," which was released at the same time as her latest album, "INDOMPTÉE" on May 12, 2023, on EPM MUSIQUE.

We present two singles from her repertoire, “Couleur Rue” and “Au Bistrot De La Mere Yvonne.” Couleur Rue – part of the freshly released INDOMPTÉE EP, tells a cruel story of a homeless woman who lives and dies in the street when she remembers how she got into that situation. Au Bistrot De La Mere Yvonne talks about events in a French cafe where the poor people of a working-class neighborhood meet; there, a woman observes, admires, and talks about the man she secretly loves.

With a captivating voice and charismatic stage presence, Valérie is a complete artist who enchants her audience with her music, performances, and writing. She continues to push the boundaries of her art and explore new creative territories, confirming her place among the great talents of the French artistic scene.

Couleur Rue and Au Bistrot De La Mere Yvonne embody Valérie's profound interpretation and expression while enticing the listener to listen to more of her music. Valérie Mischler is a particularly fascinating artist whose music is worth getting to know!

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