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Ryan Inglis - Blessed With Less

Ryan Inglis - Blessed With Less

Montag, 08 November 2021
19:51 Uhr

The follow up to his last singles Only Human, and Munich which gained significant airplay in Germany, Switzerland and Austria was previously released in 2018 but is now to be re-released and promoted to a wider
audience. The song Blessed With Less was writte while walking the Jakobsweg in Spain, In Ryan's words: "It really proved to me that the journey is more important than the destination and I came away with a song that I truly
love to perform. This song is about finding your happiness when you strip away everything else. All you need in life is the essentials... and the most essential of all, is good company.

Ryan has been a professional musician since 2006 and despite everything that happened in 2020 he has been able to keep working on his career & passion and is currently working on a new studio album.

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